I was telling my daughter about this Christian author I sort of follow on Facebook. A couple of years ago I was part of a bible study with one of her books. The group consensus was that they loved her book and she was so relatable. I struggled to get through the book. 

Our conversation was centered around people who are whiny about everything. The author on the surface has a husband who loves her, well behaved kids, and a pretty decent following on her blogs and books yet she never seems satisfied. I wondered what the appeal of her rants and repents and advice around both were until I looked at my Facebook feed. 

Several of my friends seem to have terrible lives. They are are always struggling and never happy. I feel bad for them. My husband refers to people like this as black cloud people. It seems like all the bad things happen to them. They are the 1 in 4 or 1 in 10 you hear about. 

I have to wonder though how much of it is about perspective. There are days when it seems like everything is going wrong. I can allow myself to get mad and complain or I can figure out how to deal with my circumstances and move forward. I will admit I do have some drama moments, but I try not to play them out on Facebook every day. 

I find that being positive and looking for solutions gives me much better results than whining and being angry. 

Author: canesgirl88

Just a girl trying to change the world.

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