Almost The New Year

Usually at this time on Saturday mornings it is really quiet at my house. Today I have all my kids home and I can hear them all stirring around. I am happy to have everyone home and look forward to spending the night at my sister’s house doing our New Years traditions from around the world. 

As I look back at this year, I can say there were lots of positives and good things that happened. Eddie finished chemo, Lexi got promoted, Adrianna graduated, Nathan made the Dean’s list…I have a job I love. We adventured in Europe, and then I became an EU citizen. Lots of good. 

I think for me, this years political fight was really emotionally charged. I decided to vote for Hillary after Donald Trump became the nominee because I could not reconcile his personality and behavior with my values. To me the election was so much more than one issue. Some of my friends decided they needed to stay true to party platform and they did, others just hated Hillary even though she was better qualified for the position. Whatever the reasons, he won and I cried. My hope and prayer is that I am wrong and things will be better than I expect. Whenever he talks, tweets, or nominates I cringe, but again, I hope it is just his desire to have people pay attention. 

I look forward to what 2017 has to offer, but I am cautiously optimistic. My plan is to be more politically active in my community and overall. I will keep fighting for the underdog and keep trying to make the world a better place. 
Happy New Year! 


 Food picture to post in newsfeed for all to see

In my last post I mentioned that I miss writing and planned to start again. Four months have passed and I started wondering how that happened. I realized that while I do actually have the time to write, I just have not had the focus. 

These past few months, I have been so obsessed with social media and news. I have stopped listening to music in my car and listen to one of several news stations. Sometimes multiple stations. I spend my morning coffee time scrolling through Facebook and twitter to see what crazy thing is happening in the world today. I comment and share, but I don’t write. 

I am not sure why I have been so enthralled with politics lately. I think maybe it is my disbelief that this is real life when it comes to putting someone like Donald Trump in office. Many of my friends voted for him. Many did not. I spend time thinking about the rationale of people who voted differently than I did. I wonder about their expectations for the future. I think about mine.

My goal is to write more and scroll less. I know I will not abandon social media. It is an outlet for me and a way to keep in touch. I hope another 4 months doesn’t go by before I write again.

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