Identity and Voting

July 30th is the last day to identify with a party to be able to vote in the primaries in Florida. When I left the party I had been part of for most of my life, I decided to just declare for the other party for that reason. These days, I am not in agreement with the politics of either party, but to me having a voice is more important.

I remember going to the voting booth with my mom as a child and watching her pull the levers. As a naturalized citizen, she took this right very seriously. I do too. My family passionately talks about politics. We don’t always agree, but we vote.

Politics has been so polarized and divisive since the 2016 election. Some people have just tuned out while others have become more engaged.

If you want a say in policies and laws that affect you, vote.

If you want to defend or stand up for what you believe in, vote.

If you want to complain about the status quo, vote.

Apathy changes nothing. Don’t stand on the sidelines. Become engaged. Voting is a right. Take advantage of it.

Just my 2 cents.

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