Religion and Politics- Let’s Talk!

We were always told not to talk about religion and politics because they are such heated topics. Some of us are very passionate about our beliefs and others think being neutral is the safe bet.

More and more, we are so divided and distrustful when it comes to these topics. We assume that others in our circle think like us because believing otherwise is just too hard. For people like me, we strive to understand what is happening and how we got here. My logical brain doesn’t get it.

Social media gives us a platform to say things we wouldn’t say to others in public. Yesterday, I called something out that was photoshopped and was asked to “prove it” which is what I promptly did, but several people after me chimed in with hateful comments about a picture that was fake. Anger over something that was created just for that purpose.

What I don’t understand is why people feel the need to defend, deflect, and share things that make them appear to be racist, intolerant, and sometimes hateful. And then I wonder, do I appear that way to them?

I have purposely not created a bubble. I listen to both sides, I strive to understand. I crave productive debate and rational discussion. Yet, I feel like that is not enough?

How can we see each other’s point of view?

How can we seek first to understand?

How can we love more and hate less?

How do we move forward from here?


Random Thoughts

Sometimes I start to write and I don’t finish because my thoughts are random. I feel like it might not make sense, or it may go off on a tangent.

Today, I just feel the need to get some things out of my head and onto virtual paper so here goes-

I love flowers. The kind still attached to their roots with the freedom to grow. They are beautiful and make the world a better place.

I don’t laugh enough. I tend to be too serious, but I love to laugh so hard I cry and can’t speak.

I overthink things and replay them in my head. I try to rationalize everything and that isn’t rational.

I love to travel and am easily impressed by new things. I love history and art. I love old buildings and modern ones too.

I used to rarely relax, but now I enjoy a Netflix binge or two.

I love political discussion and debate.

Actually, I am pretty obsessed with politics.

I wish I could solve world peace or that someone would. I don’t understand all the hate in this world. Why can’t we get along?

I am so proud of my kids and their accomplishments. I am so blessed to be their mom.

I have the best husband ever. He gets me.

So, random thoughts..


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