I was reading a couple of different commentary threads on giving to nonprofits and how much goes to overhead, salaries, and the end recipients. 

A couple of the threads were based on posts with inaccurate information. For example, it is not true that $0 of Goodwill donations go to programs. In Central Florida and across the country Goodwill puts people in job training programs and gets them jobs every day. I gladly give to Goodwill. 

It is also reported that the CEO of Ronald McDonald Charities is not compensated. He may not be, or maybe he is paid by the McDonalds corporation. Several chapters I looked at had 6 figure CEOs. Honestly, I think having a decent salary is fine. Having excessive salaries and little results is not fine. 

There was criticism for glossy printing. In order to stand out, charities have to spend money to tell their story. If they do things on the cheap, they are criticized for not being professional enough. 

We outsource some of our most challenging social issues to nonprofits and say we want them to act like businesses, but then we criticize them when they do. 

Nonprofits tend to pay less and expect more from their employees. Many times their finances have restrictions on them. Often the glossy annual report is donated. 

I encourage people to check out the charities they support. Volunteer, get involved, call the CEO and ask questions, visit. 

There are always 2 sides…