I have started several blog posts that I never finished. They remain in my que unpublished. Sometimes, I go back and think about finishing them, but the thoughts from that moment are gone.

The past 2 years have been full of emotions for me and for my family. I feel like I have almost “grown up” as I have had to grow stronger. Sometimes, that strength just gives out and I find myself holding back tears as I take in the enormity of all of the things going on around me.

I remember putting together a mission statement for my life at a leadership class at Rollins. Mine was “Live life fully, love deeply, and have no spiritual regrets”. This resounds so much with me today, but in a different way. I have had to learn to enjoy the moment. I used to have to be on the go all the time. I worked 60-70 hours a week often and couldn’t sit still on the weekends. Now it is not uncommon for me to leave work behind at 5:30 when I can, lay in bed watching marathon TV on a Saturday, or just enjoying a quiet moment in prayer. It is the little things that are shaping me and showing me how precious and important life is.

So while some of my posts remain unfinished, my prayer is that my mission statement never finishes.

Author: canesgirl88

Just a girl trying to change the world.

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