I should be getting ready for church this morning, but for some unknown reason I have decided to stay in my bed. There is just a sense of peace I have sitting here looking out my window and listening to the sweet sounds of Eddie’s breathing as he sleeps. There are other service times I can go to. I just need to enjoy this moment.

When I started this blog, it was a year of change in my life. I had accepted a new job opportunity and was leaving my comfort zone and the family of collegues I had grown to love for something new. Little did I know that would be just the first of many changes this year would hold.

At the end of 2013, on Christmas eve, Eddie and I heard the lifechanging words. “It is cancer.” I can’t tell you how that rocks your world. The blow is so hard it takes awhile to absorb it. Telling your family and friends is equally as hard.

Fast forward to 2015 after successful surgery, we were getting back to normal until the tests weren’t anymore. Little blips at first with more tests to figure out what was causing them. Finally after several months, a diagnosis. The cancer was back and this time it had moved. Surgery and chemotherapy were in order.

During this time, I found myself interviewing for a new job. The one I had was a great organization, but not utilizing my skills the way I had hoped. As I went through the process, I tried to reconcile a new job and an unknown future. During all of this, I prayed for direction. The doors were opening and I walked through.

The title of my blog is positive 2015, and it is amazing how we have been able to stay positive through all of the challenges this year has brought us. Life doesn’t always go the way you plan. I was reading my timehop app and 7 years ago, I posted that I didn’t know how to relax. I felt this need to be doing something all the time. It meant working too much and not taking enough time to just stop and smell the roses. I have learned over the past 2 years to really prioritize what matters. Some days that means spending an entire Saturday in bed watching marathons of home shows so that I can be with Eddie while he rests, and that is ok.


Author: canesgirl88

Just a girl trying to change the world.

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