Taking The High Road

I have fond memories of driving in the car with my kids and giving them life advice. I am not sure what their feelings about this are, but they have turned out to be pretty awesome people. It was a time where they were a captive audience and we could talk about things that happened whether it was at church or school or just in life. One of my “famous” pieces of advice was to take the high road. We even had a song about taking the high road and not the low road.

I have used that life lesson with friends and coworkers over the years. It is one of my life mottos when I am surrounded by drama or negativity.

Sometimes it is really hard.

Sometimes people hurt us and they don’t even know.

Sometimes we are slighted.

Sometimes people take our ideas and don’t give us credit.

Sometimes people are mean.

Sometimes people lie.

Sometimes people put their agenda first.

Sometimes people tear you down.

It can be easy to get mad. It can be easy to stay hurt and I certainly don’t suggest keeping toxic and hurtful people in your life, but you choose how it affects you.

You can give feedback.

You can stand up to a bully.

You can fight back.

You can take the high road and forgive. Sometimes this means walking away.

I choose to fight the battles I need to fight. Pray for the people I need to pray for. Most of all, I choose the high road.

Author: canesgirl88

Just a girl trying to change the world.

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