The Healthcare Debate

I am pretty sure my friends on social media are tired of all of my posts about healthcare. We don’t all share the same views, but for me this is a really important topic, as it should be for everyone. Apathy is not acceptable because at some point we all need access to affordable healthcare.

Yes, you can argue that Obamacare is flawed and in many cases unaffordable. This is true and should be fixed. The problem is we can’t fix the flaws when we are busy playing politics and trying to substitute the current plan with a plan that in the end will be harmful. The harmful part is not my opinion. It is fact.

There is nothing in Graham-Cassidy that shows that deductibles will be lower or premiums will be less. Pre-existing conditions are not guaranteed to be covered, because the potential increase in premiums makes healthcare for people who need it the most unaffordable.

I for one, do not think having 50 different healthcare plans across the US is a good idea. Florida has chosen not to expand Medicare and is one of the worst states for mental healthcare and I am supposed to trust them with my healthcare? Even employer plans are at risk, because some of the mandates of Obamacare will be gone.

As part of a family where we have hit our out of pocket maximum for the past 3 years due to what is no pre-existing conditions, this bill scares me. Even the Republicans admit this is about politics. We need to make the debate about people.

Please tell our Senators to vote no. This is a bad idea.

Author: canesgirl88

Just a girl trying to change the world.

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