Random Thoughts

As we start into 2016, I want to be more on purpose about writing. All day, I have tried to figure out what to write and nothing has come but random thoughts. 

I figured it couldn’t hurt to write a few. 

Today was our “chemo Saturday” which means Eddie is tired all day. I got to be lazy. Enjoyed watching a couple movies in bed. 

I am wondering if my cats will learn to enjoy their new cat tree. One out of 3 does. 

I love yoga pants. 

I hope my car doesn’t cost a fortune to fix when I take it in tomorrow, but I can’t deal with the noise and feel of the steering wheel. 

It might be time to take down the Christmas decorations…

It feels warm enough for the beach, but the water is too cold. 

Excited about planning a trip to Europe in the Spring. 

There is plenty of football on TV, but I don’t really care about any of these teams. 

I chose 8 charities to give $25 to on the 31st. That was kind of fun and I might do that again soon. I realized that most of the places I gave to with the exception of St. Jude’s and UM, I love the programs and the CEO’s. #relationshipsmatter. 

I love my new job. 

I am so glad to have my sister in town and had a great time with family over Christmas and New Years. 

I need to choose a church-I think. Enjoying visiting a few. 

Started the bible through the year- wonder how far I will get. 

I wish my hair would dry straight. 

This is all so random. Maybe tomorrow, I will have something more interesting to say 😎. 

Author: canesgirl88

Just a girl trying to change the world.

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